Ted Clarke's CoolPix Microscope Adapter

Available from  McCrone Microscopes & Accessories

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The two photomicrographs on the lower left were taken with an Olympus 8X WHK eyepiece in the Olympus BH2 microscope adapter on the top left. The photomicrograph on the far left shows the 20 mm FM stop of the eyepiece in the corners.

The center photomicrograph was taken with the CoolPix 995 lens zoomed till the 20 mm FN stop is just outside the image field. The camera adapter in the upper right contains a high eyepoint 10x Zeiss Kpl 20 mm FN eyepiece that was made for the Zeiss Universal and Ultaphot II microscopes. The photomicrograph on the lower right was taken with this adapter for the Zeiss microscopes.


These CoolPix adapters are designed so that they do not vignette the field of view of their compensating eyepieces. If the CoolPix camera lens is zoomed only sufficiently to put the field stop outside the field of view of the image, CoolPix lens artifacts will be avoided. Use of the correct compensating eyepices for either the Olympus BH2 or Zeiss Microscopes prevents the lateral chromatic aberration present when a non-compensating or wrong compensating eyepiece is used in the CoolPix adapter.